IT Club Helpdesk (ITCH)

itchlogoIf you are experiencing problems with your personal desktop or laptop computer, the ITCH is here to help!  We are located in 105 DEF.

The ITCH’s volunteer staff can:
Assess Problems
Correct Problems
Make Recommendations

Notice: The services of the ITCH are free. The cost of repair parts is the responsibility of the computer owner.

105 DEF
Mondays: 12:00P – 1:30P and 3:30P – 5:00P
Tuesdays: 12:30P – 3:30P
Wednesdays: 12:00P – 1:30P and 3:30P – 5:00P
Thursday: 12:30P – 3:30P
12:00P – 1:30P and 3:30P – 5:00P

The ITCH manager for this year is Brett Rooker feel free to contact him at with any questions you may have.