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Internship Program Coordinator: Jason Long


Current IST Internship Information

Summer Employment:

Computer Science Teaching Assistants

The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is seeking teaching assistants for our summer programs. CTY offers challenging academic programs for highly talented elementary, middle, and high school students from across the country and around the world. Positions are available at various locations in Pennsylvania and New York.

We are currently seeking individuals with expertise in a number of computer science-related subjects, including:

  • Fundamentals of Computer Science
  • Foundations of Programming
  • Advanced Cryptology

A full list of courses can be found at

Why teach for CTY?

  • share your passion for computer science with highly motivated and talented students
  • be a part of an intellectual community
  • develop your teaching skills in a supportive, collegial environment
  • work alongside dedicated educators from around the world
  • limited class size (18 students), plus an instructor and assistant for each class, ensures a low student-teacher ratio
  • salary plus room and board at our residential sites


  • Session 1: June 22 – July 15, 2017
  • Session 2: July 15 – August 5, 2017

Courses and Locations

  • Fundamentals of Computer Science: A survey course of computer science, this course touches upon many of the major areas of the discipline ranging from its theoretical foundations to hardware systems, as well as algorithms and programming.
    • Current openings: Carlisle, PA (Dickinson College) – Session 1; Lancaster, PA (Franklin & Marshall College) – Session 2; Saratoga Springs, NY (Skidmore College) – Both sessions
  • Foundations of Programming: An introduction to programming course centered around a specific programming language chosen by the instructor, typically Java, C++, or Python.
    • Current openings: Haverford, PA (Haverford College) – Both sessions
  • Advanced Cryptology: This course delves into modern cryptology with topics such as the McEliece cryptosystem, ElGamal encryption, primality testing, quantum cryptography, and more.
    • Current openings: Lancaster, PA (Franklin & Marshall College) – Session 1

Terms of Employment

  • Starting salary for two sessions is $2,400.
  • Room and board are provided.

Desired Qualifications

  • Teaching assistants have experience in tutoring or working as a TA, or working or volunteering with kids.
  • Competitive candidates will have taken courses related to the course they would be a TA for at CTY.

More Information

To Apply

Please fill out an online application at

Questions? Email

Ridgway Area School District
Ridgway Area School District looking for some IST interns for both the summer and possibly during the school year.
Contact: Kyle Hauptner

Interactive Animation
Debbie Gill is looking for an IST student to develop an interactive animation (in the form of a “learning object”) that would be able to use as the prototype to create other animations.  This opportunity will be unpaid.  If the animation works well, you will be wrote in a grant with the possibility of payment.
Contact: Debbie Gill

Child Advocacy Center of Clearfield County (CAC)
Child Advocacy Center of Clearfield County is looking for students to help to develop a program website.  I you are interested or want more information please see the contact information below.
Contact: Shannon Beaver

Timberland Federal Credit Union
1. Assumes responsibility for the development and implementation of effective planning IT functions.
a. Assists Senior Management with strategic planning.
b. Manages user network and e-mail accounts.
c. Maintains file servers.  Backs-up software, monitors account space and system usage, and upgrades software as necessary.
d. Coordinates network installation work and implementations.
e. Ensures that effective security systems are in place to protect network data.
f. Ensures that appropriate safeguards are in place to detect computer viruses.  Scans network software as needed to detect viruses.
g. Ensures Credit Union compliance with software licensing agreements.

2. Assumes responsibility for ensuring effective and efficient IT programs.
a. Troubleshoots problems with hardware and software.  Maintains an activity log of problems and makes recommendations for action.  Coordinate repairs or replacement, upgrades and updates.
e. Analyzes problems and provides technical assistance to solve them.  Corrects routine operating problems by entering alternative or corrected operating commands.
f. Maintains current logs of all PC’s, printers and versions of software installed.
g. Evaluates user problems and coordinates with support (CUSA, Silversky, etc) to assist users with more complex problems. Provides information, answers questions, and tracks and resolves problems promptly

3. Assumes responsibility for related duties as required or assigned.
a. Attends and supports meetings, seminars and activities.
b. Completes special projects as assigned.
c. Ensures that work area is clean, secure, and well maintained.
d. Assists at Branch office, as needed, and in any other area as directed by Management.
e. Develops an understanding of credit union history, philosophy, organization, bylaws and operational procedures.
Anna A. Akintunde, M.Ed.
Career Services Counselor/Coordinator
Penn State DuBois
102 Hiller Building

Brookville Equipment Corporation
Information Technology Intern
Finance department
– Regular attendance
– Must be able to perform all essential functions of the position, with or without accommodations.
– Troubleshoot and assist network system users.
– Investigate and resolve computer software and hardware problems.
– Provide various software installations on PCs.
– Installs new computers and peripheral devices.
– Investigate and determine appropriate security software.

– Assist in performing maintenance of computer network.
– Maintain records of all IT equipment with an asset number and update status of the devices.
– Research new software and hardware.
– Other functions as assigned.

– Studying degree in computer science, graphics communication or related field.
– Some experience in computer graphics preferred.
– Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
– Knowledge of Made 2 Manage and Microsoft office programs.
– Experience with multitasking and organization.
– Computer literacy.
– Exhibits professionalism
– Change agent
– Problem analysis and problem resolution skills.
– Able to maintain confidentiality
Anna A. Akintunde, M.Ed.
Career Services Counselor/Coordinator
Penn State DuBois
102 Hiller Building

Clearfield County Career & Technology Center
CCCTC is accepting resumes for summer internships.  If anyone is interested in taking an internship with the CCCTC, please have them send their resume to either or The internship is unpaid, but we are able to work out a schedule that is convenient for the student (especially since they only need either 150 or 300 hours, that amount of hours seems to get eaten up quick), there will be an interview process before starting the internship.

Clearfield Area School District Tech Dept
Clearfield Area School District Tech Dept was looking for Interns for either this summer, or for the fall semester.

This summer, the middle school will be moving the technology operation to the high school.  The summer duties will include migrating our full network backbone to a different building. This includes networking servers, our core switches, blade servers, etc.  Interns will be running cable where necessary, and imaging computers to upgrade the OS and software.   The summer will also include moving all of our workstation equipment, such as computers, monitors, printers, racks, etc. from the schools that will be closed.

For the fall, interns can expect teacher interactions, network and hardware troubleshooting, and the other various tasks associated with day to day operations of a school district. The network and servers will be in place by then, but server experience is still common during this time, including working in AD, DHCP, and DNS. Imaging computers will also be happening during this time as well.

Interns will have to have all of their clearances for working in a school district. 2/3 of them can be done instantly online, and one takes two weeks for results. Interns will also need to be fingerprinted at a verified location. The interns will have to be board approved before they can begin.

The site for information regarding clearances is below:

No formal application is required by the school district, but we do take resumes and have interviews with the interns. This will be an UNPAID internship.

Interested students should contact Eric Gmerek at

Allegheny Coatings
Allegheny Coatings is a highly competitive company that specializes in the unique market of metal coating applications. We service many industries including aerospace, automotive, and defense. Our operation comprises over 100 team members working on a variety of industry-specific processes that we have developed and modified to serve the needs of our customers.  Furthermore, we are closely associated with Assured Testing Services, whose laboratory specializes in the coating and corrosion testing needs of aerospace, automotive, defense, fasteners, and construction. Assured Testing is on the cutting edge, developing  and performing proprietary testing techniques. We can offer qualified candidates valuable experience in both businesses. This internship will focus on website development and database administration projects. Further, this opportunity will include exposure to engineering, operational management, marketing and sales, as well as technical experience in our materials testing lab.

We are seeking individuals who have the motivation and independence to thrive in this challenging field. Qualified candidates must have a desire to expand both their academic and practical knowledge-base in an applied work environment. Our interns will interact daily with members of the company at all levels and will be performing a variety of valuable services in all facets of the business. Qualified candidates should be focusing their studies in Web Development, Database Administration or related fields.

This internship provides a valuable opportunity for students to gain knowledge about our specific businesses, and the industry in general. Accepted candidates will be well positioned for long-term placement in our company, possibly culminating in an offer of full-time employment upon graduation.

Interested, contact Donna Costanzo (

PSU DuBois IT Department
PSU DuBois Campus
1. Assist with ghosting labs for new semester
2. Assist with various BIOS upgrades and changes
3. Coordinate inventory to be dispersed to Lion Surplus
4. Manage walk-ins at HelpDesk
a. New PSU AccessIDs
5. Answer HelpDesk phone and solve various problems for faculty, staff and students
a. Toner Changes
b. Printing Problems
c. MSOffice Application Questions
6. Assist with various AV setups and tear downs
7. Assist with various phases of inventory control
8. Ability to maintain strict confidentiality
9. Installation of VPN client on student owned laptops
10. Rudimentary knowledge of machine security patches and updates
11. Other duties as assigned

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