Penn State DuBois IT Club

Our goal is to to promote and discuss topics in the ever-growing Information Technology industry


We love to play video games!  Current students are welcome to join us every Friday in DEF 106 during common our where we get together and game!


If you are experiencing problems with your personal desktop or laptop computer, the ITCH is here to help!  For more infomation visit the ITCH page


We have information on several IST based internships in the surrounding area for any Penn State student.

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Video Game Day Pre-Registration

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Video Game Day XXX – Pre – Registration

Video Game Day XXX pre-registration is now live! As of October 03, 2018, you may now pre-register for Video Game Day XXX. To register, please fill out this form in[…]

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Video Game Day

Video Game Day is the IT Club’s largest event and is held every semester. Over 100 computers are networked together on the lower floor of the DEF building. A wide assortment of games are available. The event lasts from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Pizza, a drink, and snacks are included with admission. The event has a $5 admission price for preregistered attendees and a $10 admission price for non-registered attendees.


There are many different rooms of computers set with a large variety of games on them. We set up and run servers for many of the games that are available to play.


There will be tournaments ran for specific games at Video Game Day. A list of tournaments for this semesters Video Game Day will be announced shortly.

It is your responsibility to show up for any tournaments you sign up for. We will not chase you down. Tournaments

The consoles we will have available for free play are Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, and a Nintendo Switch.


An area is specifically set up for Retro Consoles. There will be a large variety of consoles and games available for anyone to play.


The ITCH offers many services relating to technology


Our services are free to all Faculty, Staff, and Students at Penn State DuBois. However if something is needed to be purchased for the repair it is the responsibility of the owner to buy it. We will give a recommendation on what we feel should be purchased if something is needed.


We provide many consoltation services . These services range from diagnosing problems to getting price estimates on repair parts, or even providing advising services involving the purchase of a new computer!


If your computer is running slowly or you need help installing a new program on your computer we will be glad to help you.


Blue screen? Black Screen? No probelm! Here at the IT Club Helpdesk we can find and repair whatever it is that may be plaqueing your computer!

Club Officers

Matt Roy


Hannah Pletcher


Kameron Kemmer


Jess Polohonki